New to Netflix France: Movies

Aug 16th 2017
Netflix box art for The Battery The Battery
2012 / 96

Forced to traverse rural New England after a plague begets an undead nightmare, two former baseball players diverge in their takes on the new normal.

Aug 15th 2017
Netflix box art for Allies Allies
2014 / 89

As World War II heats up, an American captain leads a squad of British commandos on a treacherous mission behind enemy lines. Late summer, 1944. As war rages and tensions flare, a team with mixed loyalties tries to pull off the impossible.

Netflix box art for Apollo 13 Apollo 13
1995 / 139

Technical troubles scuttle the Apollo 13 mission in 1971, risking the lives of astronaut Jim Lovell and his crew in this chronicle of a true story. The true story of how an early moon mission almost turned into America's first outer space tragedy.

Netflix box art for Barbecue Barbecue
2017 / 101

A blend of cultural nuance and mesmerizing techniques adds flavor to this globe-hopping celebration of cooking, tradition and community.

Netflix box art for Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo
2017 / 63

Country music star Brad Paisley hosts a night of music and laughs with comics Nate Bargatze, John Heffron, Jon Reep, Sarah Tiana and Mike E. Winfield. He's a country icon, but tonight he's all about the laughs. And a few of his funny friends are in Nashville to help.

Netflix box art for Camping 2 Camping 2
2010 / 98

A jilted insurance agent seeking a quiet getaway books a cabin at Blue Waves, only to find himself caught up in campground dramas and wild escapades. The gang is back for more fun in the sun. But this time, their beloved campground faces a threat.

Netflix box art for One Shot One Shot
2014 / 90

Trapped behind enemy lines, an elite sniper battles a merciless extraterrestrial army while trying to protect an alien woman whose life he saved.

Netflix box art for P-51 Dragon Fighter P-51 Dragon Fighter
2014 / 81

In North Africa, the Allied forces of World War II face a threat unlike any they’ve ever seen when the Nazis release their secret weapon: dragons.

Netflix box art for We're No Animals We're No Animals
2015 / 94

Unhappy with his commercial film work, a jaded Hollywood actor moves to Argentina to participate in an experimental thesis on social philosophy.

Aug 14th 2017
Netflix box art for Banking on Bitcoin Banking on Bitcoin
2017 / 83

Featuring interviews with enthusiasts and experts, this documentary covers Bitcoin's roots, its future and the technology that makes it tick. Banks? Who needs 'em? A behind-the-scenes look at the disruptive digital currency that's 100% anonymous.

Netflix box art for The Outcasts The Outcasts
2017 / 93

After failing to strike a truce with their school's queen bee, two misfit best friends lead a nerd uprising that turns social hierarchy on its head.

Aug 13th 2017
Netflix box art for 2 Alone in Paris 2 Alone in Paris
2008 / 96

A bumbling Paris policeman is doggedly determined to capture the master thief that repeatedly eludes him, even when they're the last two men on Earth.

Netflix box art for Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of... Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of...
2017 / 99

Combining archive footage with present-day interviews, this documentary explores how Apollo's mission control helped change the course of history. While Apollo astronauts touch outer space, a group on the ground does whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Aug 12th 2017
Netflix box art for Chocolate City: Vegas Strip Chocolate City: Vegas Strip
2017 / 89

The exotic dancers from Chocolate City get back together for a trip to Las Vegas and a chance at $500,000 in prize money. They got the moves. They got the bods. But do they have what it takes to win the Exotic Male Revue Competition in Vegas?